Saturday, October 15, 2011

Suzuki Intruder M800

Suzuki Intruder M800

While most expected Suzuki to launch a new 250 cc motorcycle this festive season, the Japanese motorcycle firm has surprised every one with the smaller Intruder The Intruder M1800 has been a hit India but its sales numbers are not that high due to its big price tag. However the Intruder M800 will offer a cheaper alternative.

The new Intruder will have the same styling elements as its bigger sibling. Some of the highlights of the Intruder B800 will be chrome finished fuel tank, side panels, wheels and tyres. Some of the differences in the M800 with the M1800 is the smaller fairings and different looking radiator and exhaust.

The M800 Intruder will be powered by a 805cc V twin petrol engine that can generate a whopping 53PS. The engine is paired with a five speed gearbox. The front wheels will get twin disk brakes while the rear wheel will have to make do with a simple drum brake system.

The Intruder M800 from Suzuki will be an ideal cruise bike for long high way trips. It will retain the comfortable seating position of its bigger sibling and will always have the oomph factor with its cool bike looks. We cant wait to have a closer look at this new Suzuki motorcycle.

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