Friday, October 28, 2011

Nokia unveils first Windows phones

Nokia unveils first Windows phones

Nokia today unveiled a new crop of smartphones that could put the company back in the smartphone race with rivals iPhone and Android.
It could also mark a turnaround for Microsoft's unpopular Windows Phone 7 software.
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop unveiled the company's new partnership with Windows Phone 7 today in the form of the Nokia Lumia 800 - a hi-tech, mid-priced handset running the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.
The phone costs £364. The cheaper, lower specced Lumia 710 model will cost just £234. Both will go on sale across Europe in November.
The pricing in particular could be crucial in putting Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 back in competition with its smartphone rivals.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the Windows giant would cut prices to drive sales.

                             iPhone 4S       Nexus Galaxy          Lumia 800
Processor                  1.2GHz A5            1.5GHz                   1.4GHz
Screen                              3.5in                  4.7in                        3.7in 
Resolution                    960x460              1280x720                800x480
Camera                             8MP                 5MP                        8MP  
Memory                    512MB RAM       1GB RAM             512MB RAM
Weight                            140g                    132g                   142g
Storage                        16GB-64GB          16GB                   1GB

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