Handy Tips on Microsoft Word

   Adding Horizontal Dividers in Word
To add a variety of horizontal dividers in Word, type three characters and press enter.

Hyphens ( --- )
Underscores ( ___ )
Equal Signs ( === )
Hash Signs ( ### )
Asterisks ( *** )
Tildes ( ~~~ )

Type Out a Table in Word
You can create tables in Microsoft Word by simply typing out a string of PLUS SIGNS (+) and MINUS SIGNS (-).
Start the row with a PLUS SIGN (+) and then type MINUS SIGN (-) until you have the column width you want. To add a new column type PLUS SIGN (+) again. When you're done type a final PLUS SIGN (+) and press ENTER. Word turns your text into a table. To add more rows to your table, move to the last cell in the table and press TAB.

    Filling Word Documents with Pretend Text
If you want to fill a page(s) with text to test something like printing, but don't want to spend time pasting the same phrase over and over,
Type in =rand(x,y)  and press "enter" .
Where x and y are replaced by numbers.
X would be the number of paragraphs
Y would be the number of sentences in a paragraph.
The text that gets generated is ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

    Select a vertical block of text
      Press Alt + drag

   Quickly Replicate Text or Graphics in Word
            Here's a quick way to make copies of text or graphics in Word:
1.                  Select the item or text you want to copy.
2.                  Press and hold down the CTRL key.
3.                  Then use the mouse to drag the item to the desired position.
A copy of the original item is made right where you want it. This is helpful when you're creating a document that will include a lot of repeated text or images.

     Quickly Change Font Size in Office
            To quickly change the font size in your Office application (Word, Front Page,        Publisher or PowerPoint):
1.         Highlight the text you want to change
2.         Press:
                        CTRL+SHIFT+> - To Increase the size
                        CTRL+SHIFT+< - To Decrease the size

       Use your keyboard to quickly change the case of text in Microsoft Word
Select the text you want to change and press SHIFT+F3. Each time you press the F3 key, the text case switches between Title Case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase.


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