Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Udaya bhanu Latest Photos

Irrespective of TV channels and programs, this hot sexy anchor is always the first choice for many programs. A recent incident revealed her career-secret and that happens to be cause for longevity as hot anchor.

Udaya Bhanu, the name itself sends hot waves among youths even after watching her from the last 15 years. Still she is the most in-demand anchor and her craze is unmatchable. Recently, a tea-boy at a shooting spot happened to tumble and accidentally poured some tea on our beauty. Rather scolding him or showing those regular tantrums, she said it is okay and simply asked her costumer to get rid of those stains. Had it been any other actress, the scene would have been different. They say it is this attitude of Udaya Bhanu, that made her so successful.

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